Welcome to HoW exciting! 2022

UNFORUNATELY How exciting! 2022 must be postponed!!!

We are happy to announce the next Hands-on Tutorial on Excitations in Solids - HoW exciting! 2022 that will take place June 14-23, 2022 in Riga, Latvia.

Excitations are among the most fascinating phenomena in condensed-matter physics. They comprise light-matter interaction, vibrational coupling, charge-carrier dynamics triggered by external stimuli, and more. In this context, density-functional theory (DFT) and its time-dependent counterpart (TDDFT) constitute the first level in a hierarchical set of approaches which are used to quantitatively describe and understand these phenomena in real materials. Many-body perturbation theory applied on top of DFT, allows us to treat charged and charge-neutral excitations. Density-functional perturbation theory (DFPT) is an efficient method for tackling electron-phonon coupling.

The software package exciting implements all these methods, and HoW exciting! 2022 offers the opportunity to practice them in terms of hands-on exercises. Moreover, world-leading experts will provide lectures on the theoretical concepts behind. The school will start with tutorial lectures, providing an introduction to the field.

HoW exciting! 2022 and the NOMAD Midsummer School: Towards exascale solutions in Green function methods and advanced DFTSchool (June 15-21) share their main program of lectures taking place in the mornings. Distinctive talks and exercises will be provided individually to the respective participants in the afternoons.

As the number of participants will be limited, we suggest to register asap. In case you like to attend only NOMAD's Midsummer School, please register at their webpage.

Looking forward to seeing you in Riga,
Andris Gulans, Pasquale Pavone, Sven Lubeck, and Claudia Draxl